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Carpal tunnel - Chiropractic adjustments can help relieve and even resolve carpal tunnel pain. Don't just treat symptoms, get to the cause! 302-730-1101


Great news! Comprehensive Chiropractic & Rehabilitation now accepts Highmark Health Options. 302-730-1101



Car accidents hurt. Before you reach for another pain pill, consider chiropractic.

Dr. Gondolfo has been helping people heal, and get out of pain, for over 25 years. No referral needed! 302-730-1101


Before you sign up for knee surgery - try chiropractic!

Dr. Gondolfo has been helping patients avoid surgery for more than 25 years.


Concerned about your children taking medication for digestive issues?

Dr. Gondolfo has helped many young patients avoid medications.


Hiatal hernias can be very painful.

Dr. Gondolfo addresses hiatal hernias naturally, without surgery!


Car accidents hurt.

Covering up the pain with medication doesn't fix the problem. Dr. Gondolfo helps patients injured in accidents. No referral needed!


Is surgery really your only option?:

Dr. Gondolfo has helped many patients restore function to seemingly hopeless situations.


Get to the Root of the Problem!:

 Chiropractic doesn't just address the pain, it deals with the cause of the symptoms. By addressing the cause of the problem, health can be restored.


Directional Testing:

Here Dr. Gondolfo checks the direction of the patient's malfunction in her knee, then he makes the corrective thrust. If you don't fix the knee early, you might end up with a replacement later!


Chiropractic & Babies:

Did you know that Dr. Gondolfo also adjusts babies? Subluxations can occur during the birth process (including c-section births). Dr. Gondolfo uses very gentle techniques to help babies whose heads are not turning well, having digestive issues, and much more!


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