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Blood Pressure


The cause of hypertension in most people is unknown and is referred to as ‘essential,’ ‘idiopathic’ or ‘primary’ hypertension. In some cases there is a specific cause, often kidney disease or medication use (such as ibuprofen and other drugs).

Most MD’s attempt to lower blood pressure with prescription drugs. While there is some logic to that approach, the deeper questions of ‘What is causing the blood pressure to rise?’, ‘Is high blood pressure serving a purpose?’ and ‘Are we just treating symptoms?’ are usually not addressed. Blood pressure medications can cause rash, hives, sensitivity to light, joint aches, confusion, impotence, weakness, dizziness, lack of energy, numbness in the extremities, depression, anger, moodiness, muscle spasms and other symptoms. That may be why many people are investigating non-drug approaches.

A possible role of high blood pressure for some people may be that it is a defense against damage to your brain and spinal cord caused by an unbalanced spinal column and body structure. However, your body cannot keep this form of “protection” around indefinitely. Eventually the elevated blood pressure can cause serious health problems, so the underlying cause should be addressed.

One of the best things you can do for your blood pressure, as well as the rest of your body, is to see a doctor of chiropractic. Doctors of chiropractic perform spinal adjustments to correct vertebral subluxations, or spinal nerves stress, which upset body balance and nerve health. Chiropractic journals have often described the blood pressure normalizing effects that gentle, painless chiropractic spinal adjustments have on individuals.

Chiropractic corrects a serious form of stress, spinal nerve stress (subluxations) that interferes with normal body function. Proper nutrition, exercise, rest and emotional care, along with a healthy spine, are all vital for optimal well-being. Explore them all!

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