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Emotional Health and Well-Being


Shortly after its discovery, chiropractic’s mind-healing (psychotherapeutic) effects were observed. Many individuals suffering from severe as well as mild conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, excess tension, depression, “mental dullness” and other conditions reported relief of their problems.

Chiropractic has also shown dramatic effects on children diagnosed with emotional and/or learning disorders. Among benefits noticed are improved IQ, improved behavior, better attention span and concentration, and improved vision, hearing and muscular coordination. In many cases children were able to stop taking Ritalin and other drugs. All children diagnosed with learning and behavioral problems, including hyperactivity (ADD, ADHD), dyslexia, autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, developmental delay and other “nervous system” disorders need to have their spines checked by a chiropractic physician.

Subluxations appear to decrease blood supply to certain parts of the brain and this may be why whiplash accident victims exhibit nervousness, stress concentration, vision and emotional symptoms.  

Research studies and clinical observation indicate that one way chiropractic helps brain function is by increasing blood supply to the brain. There may also be other mechanisms as well. How many conditions considered “emotional” in adults may be due to a fall or accident in childhood that has compromised the nervous system? No one knows.

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