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Strengthen Your Immune System


Chiropractic is a powerful immune system “wake-up call”. Doctors of chiropractic analyze your spine to locate vertebral subluxations, a serious condition that causes spine and nerve stress and impairs your immune function. Over a hundred years of chiropractic and osteopathic observations have demonstrated spinal care’s effect on immune function.

Psychoneuro-immunology (PNI) is increasingly revealing that the health of your brain, spinal cord and nerves profoundly influences your physical and emotional health, something chiropractors and their patients have observed for over a hundred years.

In one study it was found that the three most common reasons for visiting a chiropractor were ear, nose and throat/respiratory disorders followed by musculoskeletal disorders and gastrointestinal disorders. In the study, seventy-four patients reported improvements unrelated to their presenting complaints such as improved sleep, improved immune function and improved mood.

Your body wisdom, your inner healer, is always working to balance your chemistry, strengthen your systems and awaken your connection to life.

See Dr. Gondolfo on a regular basis to correct your subluxations. Your immune system will function closer to its optimum level so you may fight disease, prevent illness and function at your best!

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