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Mid-Back & Rib Pain


Your spine is made up of 24 vertebrae or spinal bones: seven in your neck (cervical vertebrae), twelve in your mid-back (thoracic vertebrae) and five in your lower back (lumbar vertebrae). At the bottom of your spine, under the 5th lumbar vertebra, sits the sacrum, and under your sacrum is a tiny slip of 3 or 4 fused bones called the coccyx.

A special group of nerves—the sympathetic nerves—exit between the thoracic vertebrae. These sympathetic nerves form a nerve chain (the sympathetic chain) that travels to your brain, ears, eyes and cranial nerves. Uninterrupted communication between your sympathetic nerves and your internal organs is essential for your resistance to disease, body function and overall health..

Thoracic subluxations can affect your heart, lungs and other organs in your chest cavity, preventing the proper draining of lymphatic fluids from your head, brain, throat, chest, abdomen and legs.

When a thoracic vertebra becomes subluxated, the ribs and the sternum (breastbone) are affected. Some chiropractors adjust the ribs and sternum directly while others adjust the vertebrae so the connecting structures will then realign.

When Dr. Gondolfo releases subluxations (spinal nerve pressure) in the mid-back and ribs the benefits can be both physically and psychologically profound.

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