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Hip Pain


Subluxations are a distortion, jamming or locking of your body structure that irritates, pulls or compresses (“pinches”) your nerves; unbalances your posture; weakens your discs; stretches your ligaments, tendons and muscles and can upset your general health. As terrible as all this sounds, many times subluxations are initially painless. You may have one right now and not know it.

The nerves from the spinal column in the lower back and hips connect to the bladder, kidneys, prostate, vagina and pelvic organs, uterus and lower intestines. It is very important to ensure that the nerves to these organs are free of any irritation, compression or stress. In fact, for over a century chiropractors have noticed the intimate relationship between spinal health and hip, sacroiliac and leg problems.

When your hips are uneven, your legs become uneven; one appears longer than the other. More pressure is placed on the long leg when you walk: the knees, hips, ankle and feet on that side of your body may show pain and pressure.

Since childhood is a very physical time full of falls, accidents, cuts, scrapes and occasional serious injuries, children should have their spines checked regularly, including their hips, their leg lengths and their SI or sacroiliac joints by a doctor of chiropractic to ensure they are free of subluxations. Chiropractors and body workers have often observed that a stressful birth can damage a child’s spine and body structure and can cause problems in adult life if not corrected.

Chiropractic checkups should be part of your family’s healthcare regime. This is especially important for children since sacroiliac and lower back problems may have their origins in childhood.

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