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Millions of people, the majority being women, suffer from fibromyalgia. No one knows what causes it and why more women than men suffer from it. No one knows why the number of sufferers is growing. What can fibromyalgia sufferers do?

More and more fibromyalgia sufferers are turning to the drug-free, natural chiropractic approach. Why? Because chiropractic gets results.

Dr. Gondolfo’s role is to free you from a severe form of stress found in your body: the subluxation. A subluxation is a distortion of your spine and body structure that stresses your brain, spinal cord, nerves, joints, ligaments, muscles, internal organs and other tissues. Surprisingly, a subluxation may be painless; you can have one for years and never know it while it damages your health.

The response of patients with fibromyalgia to chiropractic has been documented over the years. In one study 23 fibromyalgia sufferers with chronic fatigue syndrome (5 male, 18 female) who were from 11 to 76 years of age received chiropractic care. Under care, all 23 patients reported improvement and all of them maintained their improvements after one year of follow-up or more. Every patient reported that they were able to resume their normal activities including full-time work.

Your body’s natural healing ability has been documented to heal nearly any disease or condition. When your body is free from subluxations, your self-healing ability is better able to deal with all your health problems, including fibromyalgia.

Anyone suffering from fibromyalgia should see a chiropractic physician for a checkup. It may make the difference between recovery and continued illness, between a life of pain and a life of ease.

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