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Spine & Disc Degeneration


Your spinal bones begin to deform, your discs swell, then shrink; your ligaments, tendons and muscles begin to harden and weaken; and your entire spinal column loses its balance, flexibility, stability and strength. What is happening? Your spine is degenerating.

Spinal stress often causes the spinal vertebrae to shift from their proper places. The vertebrae become misaligned and irritate the surrounding nerves, bones, discs, ligaments and other soft tissue causing them to age and deteriorate.

Spinal degeneration is like tooth decay in that it is often a painless process. By the time a person notices its effects or feels any pain it has been going on for many years!

Must you passively allow your spine to degenerate? No! Chiropractic can reduce, halt and even reverse spinal degeneration by improving spinal balance and posture, and keeping your joints, nerves and discs healthy and strong throughout your lifetime.

Of course, the best approach to spinal degeneration is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. See Dr. Gondolfo regularly to keep your spine free from subluxations and free from spinal degeneration.

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